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Thank you for visiting the website of Clark Orthodontics, an orthodontic practice committed to creating beautiful, confident smiles throughout the North Little Rock area! We strive to treat our patients as part of our extended family. We provide an intimate office setting that fosters the development of personal relationships with our patients. It is our goal to develop a life-long relationship even though our patients may only be in treatment for a short period of time.

Dr. Kristin Dumboski Clark goes above and beyond to explain the various treatment options available for each individual patient. Since each treatment plan is unique, Dr. Clark wants the parents of her younger patients, as well as her adult patients, to understand their treatment options and have a role in their orthodontic treatment outcome.

We offer a variety of treatment options, ranging from traditional, time-proven appliances to the latest innovative orthodontic advancements, including Invisalign® clear aligners and  KLOwen custom braces. Dr. Clark also works with an oral surgeon if a combined orthodontic-orthognathic jaw surgery approach is needed.

If you’d like more information, please contact our office to schedule your complimentary consultation! At Clark Orthodontics, we’re giving you one more reason to smile!

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?Since starting the practice, Dr. Clark has surrounded herself with an energetic, personable and knowledgeable staff. We focus on making the orthodontic experience as smooth and painless as possible for both patients and parents!Learn More

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Latest Technology

Latest TechnologyUsing our iTero® digital impression system, we can gather the most precise images of patients’ teeth, gums and oral structures. These digital images replace the messy, traditional putty impressions. No bulky trays or sticky putty needed!Learn More

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